Food & Wine of Veneto, entertainment near farm holidays

Food & Wine of Veneto region

The Veneto region is a famous wine-producing region, with well-known wines including prosecco, pinot grigio, soave, cabernet and valpolicella. Others, equally good, have hardly been heard of outside their local area. We can direct you to local family-run vineyards and producers of salumi, cheese and pane biscotto, enabling you to take home some of the culinary delights of the Delta.

Family Entertainment at farm holidays La Prese

Children are very welcome at La Presa. Whether wandering through our nature trail, feeding our horses, cycling around the farmstead, splashing about in the pool, seeking out the cats, picking fruit or vegetables, playing on our wooden horses or wandering through the cowsheds, there is always plenty to keep them actively entertained. For rainy days, we have a children’s corner in the breakfast room with plenty of drawing materials and a selection of toys and games. We delight in taking children for a tour of the farm, telling them about the cattle and farming wheat, maize and soya.

Other visits that children particularly enjoy include the nearby apiculture (bee-keeping) centre and the ocarina (clay whistle) museum.

Other Itineraries near to Po River Delta

The Po River Delta has a rich history and unique culture that is reflected in the local architecture and the memories of people still living the area. We would be proud to share it with you and bring the beautiful and dramatic pictures in the books in our library to life with anecdotes and suggested itineraries that reflect our own memories and experiences.

Other activities and places of interest include a cruise up the Brenta river to view more than 50 summer residences built for the Venetian nobility in the 16th – 18th centuries; the National Archaeological Museum in Adria; the Museum of Land Reclamation at nearby Ca’ Vendramin; the Porto Caleri Botanical Gardens (open between April and September); the Mesola forest; and the series of summer concerts, held in the gardens of various historic villas.