Educational farm in Veneto near Venice

Why Educational Farms?

logo-Fattorie-didattiche-venetoAs part of the interregional program “Communication and nutrition education”, and in particular the regional project “Culture that nourishes: knowledge and tastes around the plate”, the Veneto Region has decided to promote and develop the “Project Educational Farms”, in tune with the experiences of teaching approach of the school to the “farm” – understood both as a physical place that as a container of meanings informative, symbolic and cultural – currently tested in Veneto on the initiative of organizations, associations or even simple companies.

From some surveys, it appears that 30% of Italian children have never seen a sheep live. For two out of ten children the cow is only a colored drawing on paper of chocolate and 80% of the children had never seen a vegetable garden with the most common vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, radishes, cabbage.
Ultimately, kids today have increasingly vague idea of ​​the path that makes the food before you get to the table, and do not know that behind the food there is not only the food industry, but also the earth and those who works.

Come at the farm La Presa to discover our animals, our company and know our territory.