Boating Sailing on the Brenta and Delta Po

Lodging at “La Presa” , there are a variety of routes you can choose.

Up until the end of the sooc, the venetian nobles who ruled the entire- Polesine area,
arrived also here, following the river routes.

The so- called “casoni” – huts – which were used to make hunting more comfortable exist

The villas and casoni were built near the water ways to facilitate entrance to the lagoons with the rising of the water level and to offer comfort.

Travelling along these canals, rivers and lagoons is still one of the most interesting cholces for discovering these fascinating Parts of Italy.

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escursioni-motonave-marino-cacciatoriBoating Sailing in Delta del Po “Marino Cacciatori”
Via G. Matteotti, 304 – 45018 – Porto Tolle – RO

Phone 0426/380314 – Fax 0426/391378 – Mobile 368/3817750
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Compagnia Polesana di Navigazione

Compagnia-Polesana-NavigazioneVia Fenilone 9 -45010 Rosolina (RO)
Tel: 0426 340019

Plays tracks in the Lagoon of Calleri or the Po di Levante, and even a complete tour of the Po Delta at prices ranging from 8 to 20 Euro.Con possibility to organize customized tours to Venice and its islands.

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Delta Tour
delta-tourVia Toscana 2 – 33127 Camin (PD)
Tel: 0425 205359
The company has more ships and performs the following routes:

  • City of Padua that touches the Riviera del Brenta, the Venetian villas, Venice and the Lagoon.
  • Delta Tour that runs through the whole area of the Delta of Rovigo.

La Padovanella che tocca i corsi fluviali interni alle mura padovane di giorno e di notte.
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