Birdwatching Delta Po

Birdwatching-delta-poLa Presa lies in the heart of the Po River Delta national park. Its 785 sq km include vast tracts of salt marshes and salinas, lagoons and reed beds, sand dunes and secluded shores which are home to many species of birds and fish and rich in flora and fauna.

Guided boat trips are the best way to explore the wilder areas of the Delta and are highly recommended. Experienced guides will take you fishing in the lagoons for clams, mussels and fish such as bass or mullet, or they can navigate through the inlets and backwaters, sharing their extensive knowledge of the fascinating flora and fauna and the aquatic, bird and animal life as you enjoy a close-up view of the Delta.

The Po River Delta national park is one of the most important sites in Europe for ornithology. More than 380 species of sedentary and migratory birds include purple herons, glossy ibises, pygmy cormorants, ferruginous ducks and flamingos. There is an abundance of birdlife within La Presa itself, including raptors, passerines, squacco herons, night herons and barn owls. The most rewarding period for bird-watching is from December to February. Guided bird-watching trips can be arranged for guests.
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