Fishing for tourists on the Adriatic

Fishing enthusiasts to torpedo or offshore can stay at the farm La Presa and .

Excursions are organized in the company of local fisher-men, not just to appreciate the river fauna but to experience the unique, traditional fishing methods, part of the cultural fishing heritage obviously who is interested may participate in the fishing activities: fishing rod- nets and fishing for clams and mussels.

Coordinater: Motta Daniele cell. 3472540256

The Adriatic fishing cooperative

Viale della Repubblica, 8 -45010 Scardovari (RO) Tel: 0426 89031
Each day there are two excursions: in the morning, starts at 9.00 and in the afternoon 15.30

Fishing boat in the lagoon
There are two daily trips: one in the morning, with meeting at 9:00 am and afternoon with a meeting at 15.30.Ogni hike is unique, different from the others.

Essential telephone booking, at No. 0426 389287 every working day from 9.00 to pre 12:00.


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